Privacy policy


This site intends to provide information on the activities of the Integrate research collaborative and provides no guarantees. Anonymous visitor statistics are collected to help improve performance but this data is not shared with any other third parties.

User accounts

It is not necessary to create an account to use this site, however you may choose to create an account which can be used to apply for and participate in the projects which are being run by Integrate. If you do create an account then you will be asked to submit some personal information such as your name, email address, telephone number and training grade. The amount of information collected has been deliberately kept to a minimum. Your personal information will not be shared with any third party unless you have given us expressed permission to do so, this permission is not assumed by the act of creating an account.


You will be required to create a password to log into your account. It is recommend that you select a password which is difficult to guess, meets our minimum password requirements and is not the same as a password used for any other site. No passwords will ever be stored on this site, only a hashed version will be stored for user authentication, the hashing algorithm used is an industry standard, further information is deliberately withheld for security reasons.


A cookie will be stored on your computer if you choose to create a profile to log into this site. By using this site you agree to this.

Policy last reviewed: June 2017.