Integrate is Recruiting

INTEGRATE is the National ENT Trainee Research collaborative. It was formed and is run by ENT trainees throughout the UK. A general election has been launched and there are wide number of positions available. There is a competitive application process, and applications are invited which will be assessed by an independent panel.

The New Structure of Integrate

Since it’s inception, INTEGRATE has been formed of a core committee, with a steering committee for each project. So far, the core committee and project steering committees have comprised the same group of people. Now that the group is established and growing, a series of subcommittees have been created. Three subcommittees will specialise in the areas of Head & Neck, Rhinology and Otology. Each subcommittee will be formed of subcommittee members and a subcommittee chair (who will also sit on the core INTEGRATE committee). It is intended that each subcommittee will work independently to prepare projects in each of their fields, with projects then delivered by the INTEGRATE network.


For more info on the structure of Integrate, read the Integrate Constitution

Description of roles

Chair (main committee)

  1. This position will be a 2-year appointment.
  2. The post cannot be held for consecutive terms.
  3. The chair is responsible for upholding the constitution of the group and representing the best interests of the collaborators.
  4. The chair will oversee the activity of all working group members, and all subgroups.

Secretary / Fellow (main committee)

For 2018 a new, full time funded Fellow post is available. Please see the Fellow job description.

Data & IT Officer (main committee)

  1. This position is a 2-year appointment.
  2. The post may be held for consecutive terms.
  3. The Data & IT Officer will be responsible for the appropriate collation, storage and dissemination of collaborative study data when directed by the study lead.
  4. This will involve the creation and maintenance of an appropriate website.

Collaborator engagement officer (main committee)

  1. This is a 2-year appointment.
  2. The post may be held for consecutive terms.
  3. The Collaborator Engagement Officer is responsible for ensuring maximum trainee involvement in data collection. This will involve publicising each project and raising the profile of the group. To engage with the Specialist Advisory Committee and Deaneries to increase the perceived value of trainee involvement in collaborative research.

Treasurer and events (main committee)

  1. This position is a 2-year appointment.
  2. The post may be held for consecutive terms.
  3. The treasurer is responsible for the finances of the group and supporting the acquisition of funding for selected projects if required.
  4. The treasurer will also take on the organisation of events not directly relating to research or audit projects, for example an annual critical appraisal skills course for ENT trainees

Subgroup chair (one for each specialty subgroup)

  1. This position should be no more than a 3-year appointment, not held for consecutive terms.
  2. The Subgroup chair is responsible for coordinating the initiation, development and delivery of research and audit projects in the speciality field of the subgroup
  3. The Subgroup chair should work with the chairs of ENTUK affiliated specialty groups to ensure the support of INTEGRATE projects
  4. The Subgroup chair may be project lead for projects developed within the group, or this role may be retained by another individual central to the project.

Subgroup committee member

  1. This position should be no more than a 3-year appointment, not held for consecutive terms.
  2. Subgroup members should not be excessive in number, but group size may vary with project demands
  3. Members will work under the direction of the subgroup chair, primarily focussing on current or developing subgroup projects


Regular committee meetings

Each subcommittee will be expected to meet once a month, usually this will be via teleconference or sometimes in person at national meetings. The subcommittee chair will also be expected to attend a monthly meeting of the main committee to report on the progress of their subcommittee. This will also usually be by teleconference and occasionally in person when circumstances allow. The Integrate Fellow will also attend each subcommittee meeting and main committee meeting. Unfortunately Integrate is not able to fund any travel or accommodation costs to attend any meetings.

How to apply

To apply for a committee or subcommittee position, download and complete the relevant forms linked below. Please indicate your preference for positions. All applications will be scored and if you score highly enough you will be offered your first choice position, otherwise you may be offered one of the other posts for which you specify a preference. Each person may be a member of only one subcommittee but you may apply to be a member of the main committee as well as a subcommittee member. Each subcommittee chair is automatically a member of the main committee so may not hold any other main committee positions. Successful candidates will be notified by telephone or email.

Forms should be returned by email to The deadline for applications to all committee and subcommittee positions is 31st August 2018.

INTEGRATE Application Form (except Fellow)
INTEGRATE Fellow Application Form